Wish List

Our guerilla garden group focuses on transforming fly-tipping areas in Islington into flower gardens, engaging local residents and promoting wellbeing.

We solely depend on donations, below is our wish list for the summer:

  • garden gates
  • petunias 10m flowerbeds
  • bark
  • white pebbles/slate
  • tools/claw small spades
  • hose
  • compost bin
  • lavender 7m flowerbeds
  • evergreen bushes
  • Hardy fragant climbers
  • Ad-hoc use of a Van
  • Ad-hoc use of a chainsaw

Otherwise we can accept donations via bank  transfer:

  • Lloyds Bank
  • RamseyFlowersN1
  • 30-64-97
  • 34849768

Thank you